End of Guest Posting?

Google’s Matt Cutts posted recently about how the demise of guest posting is fast-approaching. Matt Cutts, the spokesperson for Google, remarked that “So stick a fork in it: guest posting is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.” This was met with a lot of criticism from the Internet. Guest posting is considered one of the best ways of improving your traffic on the blog and it is a great way of establishing links with the top-end bloggers in each industry. Now, when Google says something of this sort, you have to re-think your strategy about guest posting and whether premium guest posts will still help you or not.

Guest Posting 2.0:

So, should you panic? Or not? Of course, you do panic when you read that post, however, you can relax, now because of many reasons. The biggest reason for thinking that Google got this wrong is that they managed to apologize and even change the name of the article. The criticism that they took for saying this, soon made them backtrack on their words and they explained that it is still an important part of blogging.

It was later confirmed that the problem was not with guest posting, it was with spam. Matt Cutts and Google realized their mistake and maintained that spamming is the bigger issue and not guest posting. Spamming is a problem, it does not matter if its guest posting or any other thing, spamming will hurt and it is a constant problem that is faced by almost all Internet-related domains.

This gave guest-posting new-found importance and many famous publications started writing about the different ways in which you can benefit from guest posting. Premium guest posting, as long as that is being done, and you are avoiding spam, there is a very good chance that you can benefit from guest posting and establish a name for yourself in blogging.

Best Guest Posting Services in 2020:

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