What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority refers to the search engine score and ranking of a website. This is a ranking score that has been developed by the software giant, Moz. Domain Authority is the evaluation of how strong and powerful the domain is and how high it would show on SERP.

How is it calculated?

Domain Authority is calculated based on linking root domains and the total number of links into a single score, along with several other factors.

What is SERP?

SERP stands for the search engine results page. It means the websites that show up on a query that you put in on a search engine, specifically, Google.

Domain Authority Ranking Score:

As discussed earlier, Domain Authority is calculated in a ranking score of zero to a hundred. The higher this number is, the better your chances of showing up on SERP. For example, the Domain Authority rankings are of websites like Wikipedia, which show up on every single query. On the other hand, new blogs have a low DA score as they have about DA30 blogger outreach, at the very maximum.

How can you calculate DA score?

This is the easy part. Domain Authority was a tool established by Moz. It is not used by Google and it has no role in determining the Google searches, neither does it influence Google searches. This means that Moz themselves have the metric for calculating Domain Authority. You can calculate it by downloading a Chrome Extension called MozBar.

How can you improve your DA score?

This is where it gets tough. If your DA score is around 30 or less, that means you need a lot of work to do. However, we focus on the positives, and the biggest positive of having a lesser score means that you can quickly climb the ladder up. It gets a lot tougher to improve on a DA score of 60-70 or more.

There are plenty of ways to improve your DA score, you could get a guest blog writing service to add content and backlinks for your blog and help improve the traffic that you get.

However, the quickest way of improving your DA score is by improving your overall SEO. Your main focus should be on getting the maximum number of links from other well-linked pages back to your domain.

Does Guest Posting help with Domain Authority?

Yes. I could end it with a single word, but it is important to understand how significant guest posting can be. Guest Posting allows you to become recognized by bloggers who blogs that are doing really well. So, if you are a new blog that wants help in this regard, your best bet at improving your Domain Authority is by approaching well-established blogs and guest posting for them or getting them to guest post for you. This could help you create links and affiliations in the industry. You could also hire a guest posting service to do it for you, for example, Premier Guest Posting Services.